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Aromatic herbs and spices

Cooking with aromatic herbs

Adding herbs on cooking is usually done for enhancing taste and helping digestion.

Every herb is also a drug with its own specific properties to mind.

The features of herbs is flavouring food, helping digestion, preventing intestinal dysbiosis like fermentation.

In food storage, herbs help to prevent the bacterial flora breening: for example, pepper in salami, cinammon and clove for prevent apples became rancid. Other spicies like nutmeg, curcuma, ginger, rosemary, garlic, sage, thyme, marjoram, mustard, are all species with antibacterial properties.Time ago mustard oil was employed in wine storage to avoid growing of cobwebs.

Every king of cooking has its purposes about aromatic herbs but italian one has a lot of choices.

This course is a wander of tactile and olfactory knowledge in the magic world of cooking with aromatic herbs. Course duration 8/16 ore


  • whet your appetite and facilitate digestion
  • like fannel, this herb is employed in sauces for fish plates.


  • whet your appetite and facilitate digestion
  • seeds employed for flavoring roast meat and cakes
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