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The b&b La finestra sui colli is located in the south part of Euganean park area, just two steps away from the environment centre Villa Mantua Benavides, and not far from Abano and Montegrotto; it is also close to the marvelous village Arquà Petrarca, where you can visit the home where Francesco Petrarca lived.

Very interesting is Villa Beatrice on the Gemola Mount in Baone, with its additionatal naturalistic museum.

In the surroundings, you can visit also Cava Bomba, where, in an ancient furnace, has been staged the geopaleontological museum of the Euganean hills. Outdoor, reproductions of some big dinosaurs entertain little visitors.

In the left box, the little village of Arquà Petrarca

The near Este with its eminent National Museum, the medieval village of Monselice and Montagnana, with its ancient walls and castles kept intact despite of the time.

For people who loves sport and nature, it is possible to choose among a lot of walks inside the Euganean Area Park. We suggest to visit Calaone and Cornoleda, and the still mentioned village Arquà: they give you wonderful panoramic views on the hills.

For its strategic location, La finestra sui colli is the ideal point of departure for unforgettable ikes.



If you like kajak sailing, Lago Azzurro is the right place to go!!!  





Mura di Montagnana Il lago Azzurro La rocca di Monselive
 Montagnana's ancient walls  Il lago azzurro (meaning: the blue lake) La rocca: a ruin of a castle in Monselice








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